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Ahhhhhhh, A Job. Work.

Mar 01, 2013

Work again, been awhile..a few months recoup time awaiting busted leg to heal. Sucks, seems to take forever.  

I got the call to go back north to the university, scene of the wreck sort of. Is awesome to think that I was pretty much able to pick up where I left off, but for a few jobs. So, this was a week or so of pretty much flat-out stuff. 

One of the first assignments, was to take shots of this guy. A hitch however. He is research dude, Alumni obviously, but his roaming grounds are the Arctic, a university up there, so I was told to make it look like the arctic. Hey, no problem, it is PG after all. 

You will see the chain through-out most the assignments, light on information,and definitely on time, though I requested to book an hour for each shoot, I got that mostly, but just seems to never be enough.

Also, most of this project was destined for the web. A complete redesign for the University website. We have been shooting one way for over twenty years, vertical mostly, now the revamp is mostly horizontal. Awesome for me, as pretty much everything needs redoing._SWA2056.jpg


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