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Ash,Pain in the Ash, Move yur Ash

Mar 01, 2013

 Ahhhh, Mike..he is the ramrod on this one. A story about ash and what it does for the plants..what the hell do I do, and about ten minutes to do it in. One shot was of the whole research crew that worked on this..but this one I liked best and the story is focussed on her, as she is the head researcher on this. I still don't know what I could have done different here.

The place the Ash comes from there was no access and no real time to get there and set this up. There was a pail full of the stuff, that was about it. I always try to tell a story of sorts in these set up shots, but, well, sometimes is just tough. I like the ash coming from her had and the seedling in the other hand though. Just is.

 She is dropping ash, yup, black, and greyish soot stuff, and it will be used for seedling and growing stuff. There was just nothing to show here.

 UNBC 2013UNBC 2013


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