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Brain guys, head shots

Mar 27, 2013

Pretty funny here actually, I was really fighting with this one, the room was like tiny, very tiny, and I was having a hell of a time with the lights. A few flashes arranged around. A real struggle as one would not work right, get it working the next one would not work, all wireless nikon genius, true genius when it works, but living hell when it decides to get a mind of its own. Was ready to settle for something that just was not that good, then re'aimed one light, after lowering a setting and whammo, there it was. Glad these guys were not in a hurry as is usually the case. Brainiacks, they can make you do weird things as they know what parts of the brain do what. And boy do they love what they are going. Awesome._SWA5996.jpg_SWA5986.jpg_SWA5977.jpg


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