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CFUR radio

Mar 01, 2013

Radio station..No help here, just need a shot for the web to show we have a radio station..oh, and can you get the sign in somehow, does not have to be front and centre.

The story goes that there is some guy in the states somewhere that makes a radio sign of the call letters for every I think public and university station in north america. Makes them and sends them to the stations for free. Pretty cool. 

I wanted a bit edgy shot, as these stations I think for some things are abit looser than your average station. Low bandwidth, I think some rules don't really apply to them. Got abit jiggy with the color, cuz I had to.  Got a new toy to use. Program of actions that makes this stuff so cool and easy..so for the first bit will totally over use it. So, just bare with me.

 UNBC 2013


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