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Grad, UNBC,2013

Jun 13, 2013

I like doing this gig, have been shooting this for like twenty years or something. Infact I shot the first grad class of seven people. How cool is that. The objective on these shots is to show people having fun, and they must be regional. What happens we find is if we do the shots in this manner, instead of the same ol' boring grad photo, you know with the books in the background and silly square hat on and stuff, that is boring, so we do this fun stuff, the images are sent to the regions where these guys are from and we are finding the art is getting front pages and sometimes full page play, hell that is ad space you can't buy, and promotes the campus to the regions. We also try to show bits of campus or flavor at least of place, so yeah, it is all pretty fun stuff, and what you see here is pretty typical year in and year out. The real great thing about doing this job is that the bosses just let me go with it. So my own thing. Makes it awesome for me. Cuz then it can be all about me._SWA6950.jpg_SWA6958.jpg_SWA7063.jpg_SWA7071.jpg_SWA6947.jpg_SWA7041.jpg_SWA7080.jpg_SWA7195.jpg_SWA7134.jpg_SWA7384.jpg_SWA7395.jpg_SWA7052.jpg


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