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Happy, a real place

Nov 28, 2012

Yup, a real place of just over six hundred people. On highway I think 28 between Amarillo, and Lubbock Texas. I so loved this sign I mean how could you not stop. I wish in some ways it woulda been some old cool sign, but guess nobody cares about it anyway. In otherways it is sort of cool is so "official" sort of. But stuck out in the middle of this field, well, just had to be shot is all. I wanted to go into town, but my buddies buggered off and had to catch them up.  This image along with all the others would look so awesome huge, I don't have the room, sixteen by twenty is the biggest I get, but wow, can you imagine some of this stuff six feet or more. Crazy.happy2.jpghappy2_2427.jpg


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