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Houses Houses

Jul 03, 2013

Wicked job I just came off. Spent a few days in Vancouver with my buddies Timm and Diane, hey see they just had a anniversary..nice going guys..anyway, we worked together on shooting some houses that another friend did the work on, well his company did, http://www.gemlevy.com/ He wanted to update his website, so gave me a call to do some interiors for him. The mandate is to keep it simple and look for details. Details to show workmanship. I think we did that._DSC3605.jpg_DSC3621.jpg_SWA8426.jpg_SWA8190.jpg_DSC3635.jpg_SWA8209.jpg_SWA8228.jpg_SWA8311.jpg_SWA8356.jpg_SWA8373.jpg_SWA8414.jpg_SWA8567.jpg_SWA8586.jpg_SWA8767.jpg_SWA8775.jpg_SWA8862.jpg_SWA8919.jpg_SWA9073.jpg_SWA9137.jpg_SWA8842.jpg


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