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More Margo

Jun 12, 2013

Hey, what can I say. I love shooting this girl. She is fun and besides, likes having her picture taken. So, hey, why not aye. I don't tire of it, and so far, Margo seems good with it. Up for any idea I might have. Actually nice to have someone so open and co'operative, ready to go anytime and up for pretty much anything. She does not like all that I do, but whatever, that is fine, as when I do this stuff it really is about me anyway. I shoot for what I want and what my vision of the moment is. When I get paid to do a job, well then guess it is more about what the clients vision is. Well sometimes, as I usually whine til I get my way there as well. 

The funny thing is Margo is also a client of mine, yup, I work for her on jobs, so it is interesting when it gets to be my turn. 

Thanks Margo for being there.



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