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Not Grad

Jun 13, 2013

This is actually nothing to do with Grad, but it was too good to not include here, not sure if they have used it already, hope so. Anyway, it is related to an upcoming story regarding food, and eating local and all that stuff. These people are in the forefront of getting that done on local levels. Not really sure the whole story, actually is not even written yet I think. But anyway, these three showed up, Mandate here was to get a shot of the three of them, happy faces for the article. They showed up with two small carrots, and an apple. Well, and a sense of humour as well. This obviously is not the first shot I took. But this is what I worked up to. Pretty funny really. I really do like this shot. Just has a fun feel to it and can't wait to see where it is used, just hope it is used by now at least somewhere._SWA6841.jpg


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