770 Copeland Place
Kelowna BC V1Y 8P9
(250) 212-5221

Nurse Practitioner

Mar 01, 2013

Blue Pine, this lady is an owner of the company and nurse practitioner, that is a real big deal, almost a doctor, I think they do do some surgery, but not as involved as a doc. Pretty awesome we have these people. She was very helpful with the shoot, taken in her office, and had patients waiting. I had done a set up and test before she arrived, so we could get her done in about five minutes. Crazy..yup, lighting here as well. A small flash in back of the window with blue pine on it, with a blue gel, a stroke of genius if you ask me, and used another light stuck in a ring light thingo to give me a nice even look. I like this shot for the time we had, she was very helpful and could turn the smile on like a light switch. Five or ten minutes, done. Work done.UNBC


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