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Dec 21, 2012

An artform I truly enjoy. Maybe I should do it more. I don't know. I think one can have a ton of fun doing this. I do, and have done alot of it, but for some reason it seems to play a second cousin to most of more like journalistic stuff I do. But I think truly there is a portrait shooter in there somewhere. It is real fun making that connection with the subject, making it a team effort. The only downside of doing an actual portrait shoot is that if the person does not like it. That is the upside of the journalistic shoot. I get to take a portrait and it is not for the sitter, but someone else pays the bill. Perfect. Does not matter if the sitter likes it, just so the one paying does. Works for me. Usually works out that way. Fun to do. These shots are in no real order, just wanted to post them cuz I have run across them, and really like them for different reasons. And it really is all about me. So, a bit of a short break for jeez why does somebody not buy something. Oh, nevermind.

Thanks for dropping in, I really do appreciate it. aaron.jpg2_SWA6112.jpg_SWA4162.jpgmarla060.jpg


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