770 Copeland Place
Kelowna BC V1Y 8P9
(250) 212-5221


Jun 13, 2013

I don't believe it..god I hate this thing. But Rob insisted. He actually loves mr. pg. The icon of the capital of the north. Go figure. This thing once made of wood is now made of fiberglass, and is and has alway been positioned at the junction of the Yellowhead and 97 highways. Welcoming all comers to this amazing place. Well actually he looks as if he is hitchhiking his way out of the place. Due to his size, must be three stories high or more, he is in all the years I remember not been lucky in that area. Getting rides.  Rob is almost tall enough to be the next new mr. pg and with all the work he does for Prince George and the campus, maybe he should be the honorary dude. Go Rob!!robpg.jpg


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