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Shoes of Grad

Jun 16, 2013

This was hilarious and sure made the day fun. I chanced upon the idea of shoes of grad when I noticed by chance the crazy shoes that were being shown under the grad gowns. Just struck me as something strange, a juxtapose of the situation if you will. So, started shooting at the craziest times. Holding up processions and barging in on intimate moments with family, all with the cry "shoes of grad". I would take only a couple frames and move along before they even knew what happened to them. They all seemed to be smiling as I dashed off to the next round. Sure was fun. 6926.jpg7024.jpg6927.jpg6984.jpg7002.jpg7007.jpg7011.jpg7347.jpg7351.jpg7031.jpg7237.jpg7238.jpg7244.jpg7247.jpg


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