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Sit down, Hang on, and lets see where this baby goes.

Nov 24, 2012

Ok, well I wanted to start this new edition with some color and lightness. I love the colors in this collection, I will be bringing more in shortly. But I thought this would be a grand start.
These images were shot this past summer, summer of 2012, I love the look and color in this stuff, I have printed a couple already, large, and holysmokes do they look awesome. I will follow up with some more, but just wanted this bit to get up first.

I travel alot in the states, like the roads, and what you can get for your money, mostly. The other thing is this place is full of nostalgia. If one chooses to see it that way. I do. When I see these old signs I marvel at what went into the, and the tremendous amount of pride that must have gone on the day these things were erected. They become like any showy piece though don't they. Left to rot, rust and die  a long slow death. It would be so cool to travel the entire states and cut these old babies down, hang them as art in a huge place. I can't do that, so I guess I do it this way, far lighter easier to pack around. Some of the signs I do a shot that shows the place, where they are planted. Yes the sign is a good indication of what is there. Run down buildings sometimes, trash, wires, junk, nothing. There is a far deeper story in these beauties that is sure.brewed.jpgthehut.jpgBishops2.jpg


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