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Ski Dude.

Mar 01, 2013

Yet another alumni, who has all sorts of things to do with the local ski area, think it isUNBC 2013UNBC 2013UNBC 2013UNBC 2013volunteer as most these things are. I don't get to set the assignments or the times. Hence we have a night shot..I had no idea what so ever of how I was going to do this..Without it looking real corny, and taking up too much time. This guy was gracious enough to come out on his evening and I always respect our subjects time, and mood at the time of shoot. He was great, but was obviously in a bit of a rush to get it over with. I wanted him moving again instead of a static headshot. There is a story about him somewhere, so wanted to do something different and also think about the horizontal situation. All I could pull out of my quiver for this one, well, drag shutter, pop with flash and try to pan with the dude. Sorta worked, then the static shots, gotta do them even if we don't want to, good fall back. I tried to get arty..drag shutter, zoom at the same time. My helper, Erica, who is the end user for all this stuff, did not have a clue as to what I was doing. I showed her a couple shots in the back of the camera, she liked it but wondered if I could this or that..I asked her if she had any idea how tricky that was..I got what I could. I think the assignment went fine, considering that we arrived there, in the dark, with not a clue as to what we were going to do, and within thirty minutes or less were done and our more than co operative subject was on his way back to dinner and his family..


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