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Students being Students

Mar 28, 2013

Yeah, I know this is not hollywood, but it is what I do. I love shooting institutional stuff, I like that I am usually in some sort of charge, though Margo and I do have some fun in that regard, taking turns. At least at the ubco stuff. I just like the good vibes and fun that most of the people are having. Yeah, a great way to make a living is sure. It is just what I do is all. 

I liked the Library shot here, the long aisle of books, the idea I think was to show we had one of those here. I think most of the shots in this grouping are going to be used on Donor brochures and such things as that. At least that is who the job was for anyway.

Wanting also to show working enviroment, hence the long rows of computers, and a quite place to be if you needed it. _SWA5906.jpg_SWA5827.jpg_SWA5868.jpg


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