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Tech Guys, Lets not forget them.

Mar 01, 2013

Oh, yeah, lets not forget the tech guys..it is them that are the brains behind the wires and making sure all the presentations work. One gig I shot them doing they had a direct feed from Japan, and the two university presidents were shaking hands across the oceans..amazing..these are the dudes that do that stuff..

My original idea here for these guys was to get them in their room, everyone has a room here, and do some corny thing with wires and computers and stuff. Thankfully they were not real comfortable with that, and said we don't really do that stuff anymore, we need to try something else..So, they explained this thing to me, and of course had a vision of a closet full of wires and stuff. Well, you see the closet, a cupboard really, with all that they need. So, two shots here, one that shows the room as it is. Then what I got. Yeah, took maybe thirty minutes, or a bit less, worked fast, had two maybe three lights on this, was fun sculpting this one. Like how it turned out.UNBCUNBC


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