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Up In the Air

Jan 09, 2013

Well yeah, you could say that. I have not shown these images that much, or hardly at all actually. Or maybe I put them up somewhere on another blog or whatever, christ I forget. Getting real good at that of late. Forgetting stuff. 

Anyway, was at a airshow of sorts a few years back. The usual stuff. These were the snow birds, no, hold it, that is the guys in motorhomes. Oh nevermind. Not sure the motorhome guys could pull this sort of formation gig.

I got these shots, of course in kelowna in the summer it is always nice blue sky, these guys use the lake front as center stage. But when I got the shots home, and looked, I figued there has to be a better way. So, came up with this, and they are so graphic. 

Just recently, and that is why I was reminded of them. THE designer used some of these to hang in a clients house. Bigger of course, but they looked really cool. So, thought I would reintroduce them here. 

Hope you like them. 

Hey, Yoda, that means you man, hope you like'em



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